Why us?

Six years ago, Future Press was already using this new method of communication. See the video. Subtitles in English.

Why Us?

Future Press has been in existence for 25 years and emerged with the beginning of the Internet in Brazil. First we saw the birth of blogs, later came company websites. Then social networks began, such as Orkut, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Videos have exploded as a means of information. And then came smartphone apps, short videos (Tik Tok, Kwai, Shorts, Reels, G-Tok) and Artificial Intelligence. Future Press acted at all these stages and understood something that few understand. Business communication today, to be effective, needs to integrate all these processes, thus creating a continuous flow of communication. Do you understand?

How do we work?

Look at the graph below. It clearly shows the steps of our work. You will have an action plan within 48 hours. Next, we will define the agenda for our blog, that is, the themes that will be produced. We will create one post per week for this blog. We will schedule one content recording day per month, producing interviews and videos that will be distributed across all media of interest to the company, including Linkedin (on the company profile and in company interest groups). In our basic budget, we anticipate producing 5 videos per month. And we will also create posts for social media based on guidelines approved with the company. These posts will be approved by the company in advance and we will take care of their dissemination and promotion. We will publish one post per day on the company’s social networks and in interest groups on Facebook and Linkedin. And at the end of the month the company will have a results report at the meeting that will define the agenda for the following month.

Languages for publishing

Content can be produced in Hebrew or English or Spanish, at the company’s discretion. For Hebrew and English, the cost is single.

Monthly cost

When we talk about startups or small and medium-sized companies, such as law firms, architecture firms, business, technology or agribusiness consultancies, doctor or dentist clinics, this process cannot be expensive and must fit within the budget of these companies.

The monthly cost will depend on the company’s needs in terms of guidelines and content and languages for translation. In any case, Future Press will make these actions compatible with your budget. And if you pay a PR agency with unsatisfactory results, use that budget to cover the costs of Future Press, with more and better results.

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How it works