Virtual Lectures

The future of lectures, LinkEDU.

A global consultancy operating in Brazil promotes around 200 lectures per year in different cities across the country, mainly state capitals. Why? The consultancy realized that organizing lectures and inviting executives is the best way to promote contact with potential clients.

The consultancy proposes the theme of the lecture, rents a hotel room, equipment, coffee brake, does online advertising and hires a team to welcome visitors. All this at no cost to people. And he only asks that visitors leave a business card. Done! Qualified leads have been created that she will explore throughout the year.

Virtual Lectures

The lecture strategy is very good, as your audience is people interested in exactly the content that the lecture offers. But in-person lectures are a thing of the past, especially after the pandemic, which spread home working. Future Press has followed many of these events and realized that most of them can be done online. Virtual lectures and classes help companies sell complex topics and can capture visitor data even more efficiently than capturing business cards that need to be added to a CRM. See this other example of an in-person lecture that became virtual.

Free economy x Controled economy.

Future Press created the LinkEDU virtual lecture and class portal, which operates with the microlearning model. Much of the corporate training and learning is done in person, but technological development makes it possible to take all this content to the web, which the company can also monetize. See this example of an online mental health talk.

Mental health.

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