How to create good content for corporate videos.

Videos Big Bang

Images in photographic format appeared on the Internet in its early days. In 1998, for example, the Louvre Museum in Paris already had a website with images of works of art. There were few images at the beginning, as they took time to load. With the advancement of connections, the next step was GIF, or animated photos. When connections became more efficient, the era of videos began. See the graph that shows the emergence of the main video hosting companies in the world.

Video has quickly become one of the most important communication tools on the WEB and this has a simple explanation. Video, with its images and audio, serves a significant portion of humanity, which has visual and auditory components in its psychological nature.

Try to explain how to create a paper airplane in text format, with some drawings. And do the same thing using a video. Impossible to compare, right? With the emergence of videos, many online markets took off: gastronomy, tourism, renovations, repairs, fashion and many others.

Today we are experiencing the explosion of podcasts, which are a successful variation of the video market. Therefore, your company needs to produce videos on a significant scale.


Knowledge companies, such as consultancies, associations and institutes, need to produce videos to showcase their expertise. These videos can be short or long, depending on the theme and the channels where they are shown. See, for example, this video where a consultant from the company Pratika Pro, specialized in commercial techniques, explains how to manage conflicts between sales channels. On which TV can you find such a specific theme?

Managing conflicts between sales channels.

Also watch this video with a consultant from the company Owa Sonex, which produces acoustic panels. She explains very clearly why work environments need acoustic treatment, to guarantee the quality of life of those who work in these spaces.

Acoustic panels in workplaces.

There are also shorter, more emotional videos, excellent for conveying spiritual or even commercial messages. Watch this video with Rabbi Samy Pinto, from Brazil, where he talks about the importance of studying Torah despite the busy lives we all have.

Spiritual messages.

Or this video about fine arts as a financial investment, an activity that, when done wisely, can yield much more than any successful investment on the stock market. In this video, photographer and art curator Armando Prado, from Galeria Fauna, speaks.

Art as financial investment.

For those who think that this type of video may not have the expected audience, watch this video with the corporate speaker Mário Sérgio Cortella, who talks about the importance of a new people manager in the companies. The video has over 400,000 views.

Companies need a new kind of people manager.

Also see this video from Doctor Feet, a podiatry franchise, which created a campaign for Mother’s Day where a mother comments on what she wouldn’t like to have on that day. It’s a humorous video, which leads to the sale of a voucher for foot treatment.

Mother’s day. What do they want?

This other short video, for Tik Tok, shows where Brazilian communists live. They praise the “favela” culture but live in rich mansions in the main capitalist countries of the world. It was done in the last campaign for president in Brazil, which had the election rigged by the country’s Marxist electoral court. The video has more than 49,000 views.


No comunismo só uma elite se dá bem. O resto tem que trabalhar é obedecer. Você quer isso para a sua vida? #comunismo #otario #futurepress

♬ som original – Simy Levy

Online lectures

For innovative companies such as startups or even consultancies, virtual lectures can replace those presentations that the company needs to make about its activities or products and services. With the advantage that this type of lecture can be seen in all corners of the world, while the company focuses on those face-to-face presentations that really make sense. Watch this video with psychoanalyst Mauro Gertner, where he discusses the pillars of mental health. You won’t see this content anywhere else.

Pillars of mental health.

Operational videos

Another growing segment is operational videos, which teach people in companies, whether employees or customers, how to perform certain tasks. Go to any CRM platform company website and you will see that these companies use operational videos to explain how their product works. This is much better than any printed e-book or manual. Check out this example tutorial from Pipedrive, with over 300,000 views.

Operational videos.

Future Press has been intensively producing videos for its clients since 2007, when YouTube was just 2 years old. Today we produce videos for all platforms, from YouTube to Tik Tok, which are used in blog posts and on social media, always with the aim of promoting our clients’ expertise. Get in touch and ask for a no-obligation action plan.