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How to use social media to promote your company

Few people understand that Internet users have different moments in life, which end up determining their motivation for more informative content at one time and more relaxing or fun content at another time.

Understanding this makes all the difference, as it helps your company produce content for users’ different moments. See the graph and discover the differences between people who circulate on the Internet, whether on social networks, videos or blogs. Note that the same person can assume these two roles at different times of the day or week.


Users who are actively searching for information on the Internet tend to watch longer videos, lectures, classes or even read articles on blogs. This person may be an employee of a company, who is doing research on services or products that are of interest to your organization. Many people get involved in specialized groups like CRM Experts, on Linkedin, for example, to look for CRM experts. Their mission is to prepare a report for the company’s board of directors.

To serve this type of Internet user, who is very important for your business, your company needs to produce relevant information, even if it is longer blog articles or long videos, lectures or virtual classes, like the one you see below.

Brazil in danger.

Additionally, it is important to invest in paid traffic to encourage the spread of this type of content, as it is content that will help position your business among potential customers, promoting qualified sales.

Imagine that your startup created an application that helps companies save electricity by monitoring equipment that is left on on weekends or holidays. Your application will tailor-make many searches on Google and YouTube that start like this: “how to save electricity”. For the person looking for information to feel encouraged to learn about your application, they will need to read articles, watch videos about how the solution works and even interviews with professionals from companies that already use your application. In other words: your company needs to produce this content. In the video below you can see a video with Escola Infantil Eco Berçário, which adopted the Schoolastic system, a client of Future Press.

Content in video for searchers.

Interest groups

We have two important social networks for disseminating content for those actively seeking specialized information. Linkedin and Facebook. This is because these social networks bring together interest groups, that is, groups formed based on topics of interest such as Technology Management, Franchising, People Management, Technology Outsourcing, Equipment Outsourcing, Health Management, Mental Health and many more. Today, platforms like Telegram, for example, are also adapting to deal with groups very efficiently. Note that many of these groups have more followers than the combined audience of many traditional media outlets. With the advantage that you can publish content in these groups daily, without having to go through the filter of old media editors. CRM Experts is a LinkedIn group with 140,000 followers, where you can publish content for professionals interested in this topic. The number of followers of the group far exceeds the audience of old media publications.

Therefore, if your company produces valuable content to meet the demands for information from these groups, it will certainly be ahead of its competitors who only publish posts on social networks. Watch this video where we made a comparison between a traditional newspaper (Valor Econômico) and a social network (Linkedin) in terms of audience.

Comparing audience, old media x new media.


The drifter is that person who is lying on the couch with the TV on and browsing networks like Instagram, Tik Tok, Reels or Shorts or G-Tok, from Gettr. She doesn’t have anything on her mind at that moment, she doesn’t have a specific interest. She will never read long texts or watch a 10, 20, 30 minute video. Still, she may be interested in your company if she comes across an entertaining video on these networks where she circulates. See an example of a fun video that ends up selling the services of a pet shop in Brazil. This video has more than 11 million views!

Pet shop video with more than 11 millions of views!

In this case, the video needs to be attractive, fun, humorous or emotional, things that motivate a person to spend a few minutes with the content you want them to see. From there, she may be interested in visiting your blog, your website or your longer videos at another time. It is likely that she will even forget that she saw your content, hence the importance of remaining present on social media to find her again later.

Watch this video we created to encourage young people, especially those in the Jewish community, to reflect on the tragedy of abortion.

God will never give up on you

Google Trends

A vital tool to support promotions on your social media is the use of Google Trends. This tool shows, minute by minute, what people are searching for most on Google at that exact moment. Monitoring these trends daily allows you to produce content geared towards people’s searches. So, imagine that you have a bakery and notice searches on Google Trends with themes like “Shabbat foods”. Then you can publish videos with these keywords to reach people who are searching for this content.

Your company’s use of social media needs to be planned considering these two audiences. It cannot be something that is limited to just publishing posts. You need to understand the needs of your company, your audience and the diversity of users throughout the day or week. Future Press is at your company’s disposal to present a plan for this activity without any immediate commitment. Call us!