Corporate Blogs

The old and corrupt media is dead.

Your company needs a Corporate Blog

Many companies say they don’t have the content to feed a blog. And that is a big mistake. Firstly because every company operates in a certain sector, has products and services and often has innovations. So there’s a lot of content. Furthermore, the mission of feeding your company’s blog will always be ours, with your approval of the content.

Why a corporate blog? I will answer that question with another question. Why does a company invest in Public Relations or Press Relations? Simple! Because the company wants to appear to the public. But what if I told you that the old media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV are already part of the past, have lost their audience and can no longer promote companies as they did in the past?

Note that, often, the companies that appear most on TV programs, radio or newspapers and magazines are precisely those that spend the most on advertising in these same vehicles. It turns out that small and medium-sized companies or even startups do not have the resources to spend on advertising, so they need to find new alternatives.

Corporate blog

And that’s where the corporate blog comes in. Future Press has produced and maintained dozens of corporate blogs throughout its existence. One example was the blog “IT Management”, created for an IT consultancy. The blog had a lot of relevant information for companies looking to outsource their IT areas, reducing costs and improving the management of their technological processes. Due to the blog’s content, the company even appeared on some TV programs.

Realize that when a company is interested in a certain product or service, what does it do? Start searching on Google and YouTube. This is the reason for the importance of a blog that will bring together content about your company’s industry, its products and services and even video interviews with your company’s customers. In the video below you can see an interview with the physiotherapist Pascale Mutti Tacani, who talked about circulatory problems in the legs for the blog we created for compression stockings manufacturer Sigvaris. Click on the subtitle to translate it into English. This video has reached over 70,000 views.

Pascale Mutti Tacani

Award-winning photo

Or watch this other video, with an interview with photographer Graziela Gilioli, a student at the Escola Panamericana de Arte, whose photography won an award at the Rome Biennale. This interview was published on the blog we produce for the school, promoting the school through the success of its students.

Graziela Gilioli

The corporate blog has the function of replacing the old Public Relations consultancy, creating valuable content, in text, image and video, that helps people find your business through searches on Google and YouTube. Furthermore, this highly specialized content can be published on social networks such as Linkedin and also in interest groups on Linkedin and Facebook. That’s our job. Get in touch and find out how your company can have a corporate blog right now.