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Testimonial videos

Anyone knows that when a relative or friend praises a product or service, it is very common for people to decide to buy or hire those same products and services. This phenomenon is known in the USA as “word of mouth marketing”. And it has much more power when the person who praises a product or service is someone close to you.

This phenomenon, valid for all types of culture, has significantly reinforced the power of videos with testimonials from clients or consumers. According to English research company Finance Online, 41% of companies in the United Kingdom are investing in videos with customer testimonials to boost their sales. Some companies invest more and others less, but this has become a trend in online marketing.

When a person sees someone praising a product or service on video, on social media or on the company’s website, they tend to consider buying that product or service, even if the person speaking is a complete stranger to them. If the person is well guided and builds a solid argument, with some humor or emotion, the chance of breaking the barrier of ignorance is even greater.

Future Press produces testimonial videos from clients in all segments of the economy, from technology companies to agribusiness organizations, including consultancies and even law or architecture firms. These videos are low cost and can be produced on a sufficient scale for you to vary your communication throughout the year.

You give us the customer’s contact details and we do the rest. In some segments, you will need to encourage consumers to give these testimonials, offering a discount or a treat. And you will also need to be prepared for eventualities such as the client asking you to remove the video from your website or social media. This is normal and perfectly manageable. Want to know more? Contact!

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