Woke companies can go bankrupt

Woke companies can go bankrupt

Many organizations, some even global in nature, have adopted irresponsible, woke communication in recent years, aimed at repulsive causes such as gender ideology, child mutilation and hiring through quotas. This type of corporate communication, supported by dubious advertising actions, weakened these companies, leading some to a pre-bankruptcy situation. But why is this happening?

These organizations, already financially weakened, ended up falling into the clutches of crime syndicates like Black Rock, which invests money in companies at risk as long as they adopt communication models oriented towards dumb and militant communication.

For many of these companies, the price of this joke will be bankruptcy. And in the short term. In this video with Armando Levy, from Future Press, you understand what this mi mi mi communication has caused to these companies and what their future prospects are.

Due to the failure of these companies’ communication, an important trend in business communication will be the return to healthy, responsible communication standards that respect the values of the societies where these companies operate. Either that, or bankruptcy will come, with losses, layoffs and financial black holes.

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