Emotional or rational advertising, what engages most?

Emotional or rational advertising, what engages most?

Advertising has faced this dilemma for decades, practically since its inception. Emotional propaganda or rational propaganda? What engages most?

Advertisers like Bill Bernbach, for example, invested all their money in emotional communication. According to him, advertising is emotion and that’s the end of it. He created major advertising pieces for the Volkswagen Beetle.

However, the legendary David Ogilvy, author of the best-selling advertising book in the world, “Confessions of an Advertiser”, began his brilliant career believing in emotional advertising, but radically changed his view. He ended his career in direct marketing, a highly rational communication.

And you, what do you think? In this video by Armando Levy you will learn about the vision of advertiser Jon Stell, author of the book “Truths, Lies and Advertising”, released in the 90s.

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