Companies will use honest communicators

Honests influencers

Companies will use honest communicators

The use of influencers is nothing new for company marketing. However, this practice will also advance in the field of corporate communication, in the company’s relations with audiences such as employees, suppliers and customers. This important trend will be accompanied by greater selectivity of these influencers. Companies will avoid influencers who have divisive, racist, feminist or ideological speeches, and choose honest professionals who really play a good role in their areas of expertise.


Thus, influencers will be selected based on the fields in which they operate and also the discourse they adopt. One example is Rafael Black, of BLK Mídia, a professional who helps people and companies make better choices regarding technologies related to video and audio. There are thousands of influencers in the most diverse fields, from tourism to technology, from cooking to astronomy, from health to medicine. The variety of these professionals and the quality of many of them is impressive, far surpassing pseudo “specialist” publications from the old media.

Startups influencers

In addition, many companies find that they have a lot of content to produce. With the support of specialized companies, such as Future Press, many companies can themselves become influential in the most diverse sectors, thus creating new business opportunities. The fact that companies are running away from left-wing influencers who pander to divisiveness, racism, feminism and other questionable approaches is great news, as it shows the maturity of their marketing fields.

Avoid lunatics

In the past, companies chose the topics that had the most audience, such as Felipe Netto, for example. However, many companies have begun to realize a few things: First, the number of followers of this type of influencer is often artificial, that is, they are bought followers, which do not help in the promotion process. Second: This type of ideological influencer creates many questions and ends up hurting the brands they are trying to “sell”, conveying to the brands the anger of many consumers who have solid ethical and moral standards and shy away from YouTubers like these. Therefore, corporate communications will use influencers and avoid those with a leftist ideological bias. This is a solid trend in business communication and good news for truly honest influencers who focus their work on the areas in which they operate.

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